Como para alterar o proprietário de registro e nome da organização no Windows 7

Como você deve saber, o proprietário registado eo nome da organização pode ser visto através do lançamento sobre o Windows. Sobre o Windows pode ser aberto digitandowinver no menu Iniciar área de pesquisa e pressionar Enter.

About Windows

Agora, se você quiser mudar o proprietário registado eo nome da organização para outra coisa a partir do atual, você pode fazer com um registro tweak pequeno. Claro, você também pode fazer isso usando programas livres, como Conjunto Dona. Se você está procurando uma maneira manual de fazer o mesmo, siga os passos abaixo mencionados.

1. Digite regedit na caixa de pesquisa do menu Iniciar e pressione Enter para iniciar o Editor do Registro. Clique em Sim se você for solicitado com um prompt do UAC.

Change Registered Owner and Organization Name In Windows 7 step1

2. No Editor do Registro, navegue até a seguinte chave:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion

3. No painel direito, clique duas vezes em RegisteredOwner e RegisteredOrganizationentradas para alterá-los.

Change Registered Owner and Organization Name In Windows 7

Change Registered Owner and Organization Name In Windows 7 step5

4. Agora, abra o Windows Sobre a caixa de diálogo para ver o novo proprietário registado eo nome da organização.

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    Tiger: The tiger is actually a symbol to get power and also all over the world. It can be featured prominently in Chinese mythology and it’s the second greatest behind the particular lion in the badge involving military position. The Celts celebrated Samhain Fresh Year about November 1st, which can be the end involving summer along with the beginning of the harvest period as well as the beginning on the winter.

    Very last but not the least, arranging delectable and scrumptious party food is also vital. You can plan for snacks, cotton candies, pretzels, cookies, cupcakes, cookies, plus root bear and so forth. if you are planning in order to serve lunch time, have something that everyone will relish to eat similar to pizzas, burger, tacos, hot canines and much more. This kind of foods will be loved from the kids and also surely they will likely enjoy these individuals having inside birthday. Never forget to offer circus party favors offering juggling balls to clown noses.

    The sullen youthful AnneMarie Mallik, whose Alice seemed to be her just “acting” role, will be perfectly suitable for Miller’s bleakly blackandwhite approach to the actual Lewis Carroll classic the polar the complete the predominant, happy, shiny Disney show, and possible even more hence the extravagant completely new Tim Burton 3D element remake opening March Several.

    It is significant that you really encourage your youngster to be inventive in their engage in. When young children use their own imaginations they could discover to learn by on their own, play cooperatively along with other folks as well as boost the language as well as cognitive abilities. If your little one takes on dress up and also pretend game titles they can stay out their own goals as well as fantasies.

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  5. Bruno disse:

    Maravilha chefe mais simples que painel de jipe mas muito eficaz!

  6. Miel Matias disse:

    Show de bola Thomaz… Muito útil. parabéns pela postagem.

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